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Skull Tumor

This young woman noticed a lump forming on the back of her head that gradually enlarged over several months. Her CT scan showed a tumor in the skull. We also did an MRI that showed the tumor. We removed the tumor by making an incision over the area, making cuts around it, and removing it […]

Food is Medicine

When our oldest was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis, he was prescribed an elemental diet and steroids. That did not seem like the best solution to my wife. She researched and found the best foods she could and prepared them for our family. Our son’s condition gradually improved and he is much healthier today…without all the […]

You CAN do it

I think the foundation of healthy living in general and of spinal health in particular is based on three components: 1. Community 2. Activity 3. Nutrition Proper attention to all three principles CAN help you achieve greater health. We try to consider each condition and every patient within this paradigm. Thinking more comprehensively this way […]