We have honestly seen several patients in the office that were injured doing CrossFit—specifically injuries to the lumbar discs. On the other hand, some of the most athletic, energetic, and fit people I know are CrossFit regulars.

I wondered why this was, so I started going to my friend’s CrossFit gym for some workouts to find out.

CrossFit regimens use Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting exercises as well as plyometrics, gymnastics, interval training, and calisthenics. I think the reason people get injured is they sacrifice form at the end of the lifting sets when they are fatigued.

The CrossFit members however love the program. One said he couldn’t ever get into an exercise program and stick with it until CrossFit. Another said he has done it for five years and never done the same routine twice. The people were friendly and supportive. We have many patients that can’t wait to go back to CrossFit after surgery.

I’ll be honest—I loved it too.

My professional opinion on CrossFit is do it if you love it and use weights that are comfortable for you with impeccable form.

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