Look Where You are Going, Strive but Don’t Overdrive

These are my dad’s rules for cycling. He was reminded of these principles while cycling along Going-to-the-sun-road in Glacier National park. You must look where you are going, not at the cliff beside you. The ride is long and arduous—push but pace yourself.

During his ride, two young people passed him. He thought, no worries, they are young. Then, two mid 70 year old women blazed past. He suddenly felt discouraged. How was he doing so poorly?

A mile later, he found the two women stopped on the side of the road. According to common cycling courtesy, he stopped to see if there was anything wrong. One woman said, “Our electric bikes are at 10% and we can’t make it up the hill when they get that low.”

We should set goals and keep our focus on those goals. Our only true competition is our old self. The best way to improve is incrementally, striving to be just a little better each day.

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