Find joy in the journey

A new school year recently began for my three boys. My youngest, Zach, is now in kindergarten.

If Zach decides to be a neurosurgeon, he only has 27 years to go!

Many goals in life take years and years to reach. We may be tempted to look forward to some future time when all will be better.

In college, I read these words by Thomas Monson, “Learn from the past, prepare for the future, live in the present (1).” I later read, “Find joy in the journey (2).”

I think these are profound principles to live by.

We are all on a journey, with past and future experiences stretching behind and before us. We have the present to love, prepare, work, laugh, serve, create, find joy, and truly live!

1. Monson, T. S. In Search of Treasure. Ensign, May 2003.

2. Monson, T. S. Finding Joy in the Journey. Ensign, November 2008.

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