What is a minimally invasive surgery?

Here we are working on the technique for minimally invasive, endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery.

Every surgery has a purpose. For example, a 27 year old woman with a large disc herniation may need surgery to alleviate the pressure on a nerve. An older gentleman with spinal stenosis may benefit from a surgery to open the spinal canal. Perhaps a middle aged woman with median nerve symptoms may need a carpal tunnel release.

A discectomy in the low back can be done through this small tube, about 18 mm in diameter.

Minimally invasive surgery is a set of techniques and skills designed to accomplish the purpose of surgery while minimizing collateral damage.

When we think a patient would benefit from surgery, we try to always consider how the surgery could be performed safely in the least invasive way. I have found the short and often long term recovery is better when we are able to use minimally invasive approaches.

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