One of the great things about college football is the way it brings a community together. This picture was taken of LaVell Edwards Stadium just before gametime in Utah Valley as BYU was set to play California.

A few blocks away and in a different kind of arena, patients are supported by a community of hospital staff and family

In a recent study, loneliness was found to be a significant risk factor for early death and is comparable to other well known risk factors such as smoking, obesity, and poor mental health (1). Alvin Toffler wrote, “Any decent society must generate a feeling of community. Community offsets loneliness. It give people a vitally necessary sense of belonging.”

Each individual needs a community for health and happiness.

1. Holt-Lunstad, J., Smith, T. B., Baker, M., Harris, T., & Stephenson, D. (2015). Loneliness and social isolation as risk factors for mortality: A meta-analytic review. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 10, 227-237.

2. Toffler, Alvin. The Third Wave. Bantam Books, 1980.

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