Shortly after Alexa’s birth, her pediatrician noted the absence of the soft spot on the back of her head. Also, her head had an unusual shape.

The skull is made by several bones that meet along cranial sutures. These “growth plates” allow the skull to change shape during birth and also expand as the brain grows after birth. If a suture closes early, or craniosynostosis, the baby can have an unusually shaped head. In some cases, the skull cannot grow normally and the pressure inside the head can be too high.

Alexa was found to have craniosynostosis of two of the sutures of her skull. Her head did not grow normally and she began having some delays in development.

We took her to surgery at the age of 9 months. We found several holes in the skull which form because of high pressure. At surgery, we removed a large portion of the skull. The plastic surgeon then replaced the bone in such a way to expand and reshape the skull. She spent 3 days in the hospital before going home in good condition.

Disclaimer: Although this is a real patient, I have used a different name for privacy protection and added a few details for educational purposes. This patient gave consent to have his case shared.

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